Planetary weather

X-Particles & Redshift

Our first X-Particles setup is out. We combined some Redshift shaders with X-Particles. It`s combination of the surface modifier and the new flow field.
We arranged three different groups to get theses variations.
You can download the free X-Particles Setup here and experiment for yourself.
You can also buy the final shaded X-Particles Setup here and support our work a bit.

Feel free to send us your results.

motiondesign berlin is online

Project Description

Download the free X-Particles setup to play around.
The project was build with Cinema4D 21 and Redshift render.
Send us your experiments.

Project Details

Software: Cinema4D 21, Redshift, X-Particles
Date: June, 2020
Category: Redshift, X-Particles
Download: Gumroad

Project Participants

Motion Designer: Matthias Zosel

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