Brandenburg 3D Landscape for Cinema4D

Brandenburg 3D Setup

Cinema4D & Redshift

We love Brandenburg, so we build a digital 3D landscape version of it.
We used Forrester for the tree and plant creation. The Forrester assets are converted, so you can use them without the Forrester plugin. Inside the 3D package, you will find the Cinema4D Setup and textures.

You can also add your own trees and plants to the matrix scatter objects, and built upon that version. In case you find it useful, we are always happy to see your results.

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Enjoy Brandenburg,

cinema4d landscape brandenburg rendered with redshift

Project Description

Download the Brandenburg 3D Landscape.
The project was build with Cinema4D 25 and Redshift render.

Project Details

  • Software: Cinema4D 25, Redshift
  • Date: May, 2022
  • Category: 3D Landscape

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