Free Redshift shader – procedural scratches

Free redshift shader procedural scratches

Cinema4D & Redshift

You need some round corners or surface imperfections? Just use this shader as a base and modify it to your needs.
The free redshift shader was built inside of Cinema4D, you get the free Cinema4D file.
Adjust the scale or remapping of the gradients. It renders very fast because it is only built with nodes.

Have fun.


Rich Nosworthy

Project Description

Download the free surface imperfections and adjust it.
The project was build with Cinema4D 25 and Redshift.
Send us your experiments.

Project Details

  • Software: Cinema4D 25/26, Redshift
  • Date: May, 2022
  • Category: Redshift, Cinema4d
Free redshift shader procedural scratches
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