Cinema 4D R25

Cinema4D R25 has released a new Update in September.
We worked with it for a few months now. At first, we had to get used to the new interface, but we like it so far. Especially scenes with a lot of Megascans are much faster now. Redshift took a few weeks to get more stable, but now we are already there. The dynamic placement tools are also working pretty good. Also the custom presets will save a lot of clicks in the future. We also like the new Track modifier inside of Cinema 4D R25.

Check the breakdown of many new
updates inside of Cinema 4D R25

Time Stamps

00:00:00– Intro
00:00:38 – R25’s new interface
00:12:41  – Customizing Dynamic Palettes
00:19:49 – Cappucino & Dynamic Placement tool updates
00:23:55 – New Custom Presets
00:30:24 – New Spline Import
00:33:25 – New Track Modifier Tag
00:38:54 – New Capsules. (Nodes in the Object Manager)
00:54:16 – Blue Noise Distribution
01:02:36 – New Spline Nodes
01:09:50 – Upcoming plugin preview: Utility Splines

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