Cinema4D R23

Chis Schmidt of Rocket Lasso shows the new features of Cinema4D release R23.
Our favorite new tool is the new remesh generator. If you have huge 3D scans
with many triangles, you can convert it to a low poly version. It also keeps
the UV’s and you can render in Redshift3D with your lighter, remeshed model.
You also can use the Cinema4D remesher for  simulations, just calculate your
softbody simulations and add the cashed version to your detailed object.

c4d remesher

c4d car remeshed

Cinema4D R23 UV improvements
He also shows the new UV tools inside of Cinema4D. Before release C4D R22,
you had to use external tools for UV unwrapping. The new UV tools are looking very promising,
especially the distortion mode and the auto align UV tools.

C4D UV Distiortion View

Cinema4D R23 Animation improvements
The Maxon team also improved some helpful details inside the animation tools.
If you adjust the frame range, you don`t have to grab the time range again.
It automatically adjusts according to your chosen range. You can also set keyframes
outside the time range. Inside of your Cinema4D timeline, you can filter for
camera and position, without showing everything.

You can copy the ease of single properties, and paste it to other properties.
You can also use auto-recording for objects which already have keyframes.

c4d camera filter

C4D animation and timeline shortcuts:

shows only the keyframes of the rotation

Shows only the keyframes of the position

Shows only the scale tracks

Shift+ F3 to open the timeline

c4d animation updates

If you select all layers on the right, you can delete set keyframes.
If you hit F to refresh the timeline, all keys are gone.
You can also animate to BPM. Create markers and add your BPM amount.
It set`s your markers according to your song and you can animate.


You can also have a look at Cinema4d R23 scene nodes.
This might change the way you work with Cinema4D.
I guess it is Maxon`s try to catch up with Houdini.

c4d r23 scene nodes

Overview of the Cinema4D R23 Updates
Jump directly to Rocket Lasso and see for yourself.


Breakdown of all the new features inside of Cinema 4D R23
00:00:25 – Remesh Generator
Texture transfer from one object to another: How to bring Real Life Objects into Cinema 4D:
00:06:55 – New UV Tools
00:18:57 – Deformer Interface improvements. Bend/Taper/Sheer/Twist
00:20:47 – Screen Space Reflections
00:22:28 – New Plugin. Recall!
00:24:05 – Content Browser Additions
00:25:30 – New Character Rigs
00:26:47 – Delta Mush Deformer.
00:33:00 – Magic Bullet Looks
00:35:15 – Pose Library
00:53:46 – New Animation Tools
01:06:02 – Motion Transfer
01:15:45 – Scene Nodes (Formerly known as Neutron)

Check also the new Recall Plugin from Rocket Lasso

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