Automated 3D influecer Rachael

Today we have some food for thought. Matthias Winckelmann created the first fully automated autonomous 3D design influencer on Instagram. The project is called “Racheal is not real” and was built with Unreal Engine. Since May 2020 the automated tool is posting one image per day. She is posting without human intervention, as long as the computer is running and has an online connection.

It demonstrates the possibilities of real-time rendering, automation, and AI. You can focus on your projects and let the Ai do the rest. You can read more about the project on #rachaelisnotreal




It gives me comfort knowing that even after humanity has finally managed to destroy itself and we all have disappeared from the surface of this planet, Rachael will continue to post pretty pictures as long as the machine she is running on is still online.


Nerd Chat: Matthias Winckelmann –
Automated 3D influencer Rachael, Unreal,
And Realtime




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