Realistic fog Tutorial with Cinema4D and Redshift

Joren from asked for a Redshift quick tip.
We send him our example of how to use Redshift noises to make more realistic fog inside Cinema4D. He made this great video to explain the fog technique.

Realistic fog Tutorial with Cinema4D examples

To create random fog with Cinema4D and Redshift you just have to add noise
inside your volume. You can play around with complexity, Amplitude, and Distortion
to get bigger variations. Below you can compare some examples.

We had some questions about the Redshift fog, so we decided to add  this new quicktip:


Redshift3D fog with Cinema4D
Add your environment object and apply the fog Material.

Redshift3D fog with Cinema4D Tinyhouse

Tinihouse in the morning fog
Adjust your HDRI rotation to see which position works best

Tinyhouse with fog

Fog in the evening

Fog with Tinyhouse 3D Setup

Download the free 3D Tiny House model and try yourself

Get the free 3D Tiny House

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