Cinema4D plugin AR_Folder

The weekend is here and we hope you had a great week.
Just wanted to mention two C4D plugins we stumbled upon this week.
To keep your Cinema4D project clean and tidy you can use the plugin AR_Folder.
It groups your objects into a colorful folder and can add the selected objects into
a Cinema4D layer. You can find find the script from Arttu Rautio  on Github

He also provides some extended render tokens for Cinema4D.
We knew a similar extension from Cineversity.
Here you can download the 

Inside Cinema4D you can render-tokens like:

Date Year Full (2021) – Token: $YYYY
Date Year Short (21) – Token: $YY
Date Month (01) – Token: $MM
Date Day (16) – Token: $DD
Date Hour (18) – Token: $hh
Date Minute (42) – Token: $mm
Date Second (10) – Token: $ss
PC Name (String) – Token: $pcname
Username (String) – Token: $pcuser
Render Engine (Redshift) – Token: $renderer

This is especially useful if you do dailies and don`t want to save several versions.
If you add the Date Minute token you can save several experiments from one scene file.
Combine it with the take system and get back in time. Or create something unrecoverable for the artworld.

In case you want to go back in time and restore a previous state
you should have a look at Recall from Rocket Lasso




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