Cinema4d S26

Here comes release  Cinema4d S26

What`s new in Cinema4d S26?

Last week i thought about buying the Quad Remsher of Exoside which is great for retopology.
Today I learned, that the remesher of Zbrush will be included inside Cinema 4D S26.
I will have a look and compare it to the version of Exoside. Redshift will be closer integrated into Cinema4D.
Also have a closer look on the thin film mode and play with the values.
The Redshift node editor inside of Cinema looks pretty good.
There are also some new modeling tools available, which were copied from Blender make basic tasks straight forward.
If you are curious about the active development and feature targets of Redshift you can have a look at the Redshift Trello board.

They also launched the Redshift CPU + Hybrid mode (Or XPU as it works on any device.)
Now Cinema 4D includes Redshift CPU for free, and 5 Extra Render node license.
It opens a lot of possibilities for large and small studios with CPU farms,
and working on very large scenes which were not possible before on GPU VRAM.


Chris Schmitt made an awesome overview for Cinema4d S26 again.

Time Stamps

00:00:00– Intro
00:00:18 What’s new in Cinema 4D?
00:00:25 – S26 Live stream TODAY with Rick Barrett:
00:00:38 – NAB stream next week
00:00:49 – Plugins did not break!
00:01:17 – Maxon One now includes ZBrush, and all new versions of S26 come with Redshift CPU
00:02:36 – Retopo with ZRemesher inside of C4D
00:07:52 – New modeling tools!
00:34:34 – Improved Vector Import
00:35:50 – Interface tweaks and improvements
00:41:15 – Task Manager (With Cad import)
00:45:51 – Hammer Weights
00:47:27 – Colorize Joints
00:48:45 – Redshift Everywhere
00:50:19 – Redshift Standard Material
00:58:50 – Redshift energy conservation
01:01:32 – A few Scene Node details
01:03:43 – Unified Simulations!
01:19:44 – Rope simulation (Or noodle simulation in this case)
01:26:57 – Simulation Connectors (Feat Mesh To Spline:…)
01:32:49 – Wrapping an object and turning it into Rope (Feat Ricochet:…)
01:39:06 – Outro. Support on Patreon:


New Cinema4D release available:
Cinema4D 2023

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