Redshift 3.5

Redshift 3.5 Has been released – If you are curious about the development of Redshift check this Trello Board. We used Octane in the past but switched to Redshift because of the stability. Octane was not really reliable and it crashed  Cinema4D even when we were not using it. It felt like a released car that was hyped on social media, but the engine is broken. We are also happy to use material stacking in the new version. It is pretty comfortable to get around all those different layers.

Redshift 3.5 December Update


Redshift 3.5 has seen a lot of updates this year.
Including the Volume Multiple Scattering, Random Walk SSS, Volumetric Anisotropy Support, Volume Blackbody shading, Material Stacking, Intel OIDN, Tiles & Bricks Utility Shaders, and more, this video showcases all significant advancements since the release of Redshift3D in April.


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