Remote teamwork – Backblaze and Anchorpoint

Covid made remote teamwork possible for many studios and freelance motion designers.
This is one of the rare advantages of covid. We are currently testing Anchorpoint for organizing our projects and shots. You can set up your folder structure and naming of your shots with Anchorpoint. It saves a lot of time and you don`t have to think about naming your scene files. If you add tokens inside Cinema4d, you have always the same output structure. This is very handy, especially if you work in a bigger remote team. Every team member knows, which file was the latest Cinema4D version. If you have to make changes a few month later, you always know which was the last file.

Another super handy feature of Anchorpoint is the ffmpeg output. You can make a mp4 preview with your chosen image sequence.
For remote teamwork, you can also use the drive mapping feature. Everyone has the same path to the assets, so you don`t have to relink everything before rendering. Currently the mapping feature is only available for windows, but the mac option will follow soon.

With Backblaze you can work like on a local NAS. It uses a caching system, which is faster than working with Dropbox.
You also can use Backblaze to backup your stuff.

In this tutorial you can see how to set up a cloud
NAS for your studio with Backblaze.

In this tutorial you can learn more about  Anchorpoint


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